Manufacturer, exporter of fiber glass products including fiber glass filter bag, fiberglass filter fabrics, filter bags, woven filter bags, non woven filter bags, PTFE membrane filter bag for boiler bag house, cement industry, carbon black, pollution control equipment from India.

Their comprehensive range of advance performance fiberglass filter bags having all in built properties of fiberglass fabric and surface treatment applied on it. The following superior characteristics of our filter bags result in increase productivity, longer life and lower operation cost.

Higher Temperature Resistant: Fiberglass filter fabric have excellent heat resistance upto 260°C continuously and 288°C for intermittent period.

High Tensile Strength : Fiberglass cloth is one of the strongest textile filters, having greater specific tensile strength than steel wire of same diameter, at a low weight, lead to higher strength and durability of filter bags.

Dimensional Stability : A filter bags made up of fiberglass, display low elongation and contraction under load and temperature. This characteristic is critical when high level of dust collection particles is required.

Extremely Favorable Dust Removal: Bags themselves already have favorable dust removals characteristics, the addition of a surface finish make dust removal even easier.

Good Chemical Resistance : Like glass itself, treated fiberglass fabric is highly resistant to attack by most chemicals.

Good Air Flow and Better Filtration : Different weaving pattern and combination of textured filament yarn in weft gives improved filter ability and reduce blocking.


Fiberglass filter bags, fiberglass filter fabric  

Depending on application, to ensures bag performance and durability, fiberglass fabric has to have the right finish and surface treatment. Without a protective coating, the glass filaments in filtration fabrics can be broken through self abrasion caused by dust particle, or chemical attack from the gas stream composition on cage contact.

Mahavir Corporation has developed following different finishes to achieve maximum filtration efficiency and durability of bags.
Acid Resistance Finish Silicone Oil / Graphite / PTFE Finish Chemical Resistance Finish
Abrasion Resistance Finish Water Repellent Finish Anti-Static Finish
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